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Hi! We are DeeDee and Ximena, your homeschool coaches! As homeschool veterans, we realize the importance of feeling confident and empowered as a homeschool parent and we want to help you get there!


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Protect your Joy!

Download our FREE Cycle tracker to help you protect and keep your joy throughout the month. 

Dani P.

I was so overwhelmed and nervous to begin the homeschooling journey and that all changed once I met Ximena and DeeDee! I was immediately put at ease. These two are full of knowledge and will guide you on what works best for you and your family. Totally a great team to have on your side as you embark on this magical journey :)

Eliza P.

I’m so extremely grateful to these two amazing women. This is my first year homeschooling and I was completely clueless. These two ladies eased my worries and I left the video chat feeling empowered. I was given many resources and feel ready to start my journey. Thank you both so much!

Jennifer M.

These ladies are awesome & amazing! I love how transparent they are, how real and how helpful their videos are. They share a wealth of relevant knowledge and for me, have helped me to remember to keep JOY in our homeschooling which at times can be a challenge. they are so encouraging...should honestly write a book together with their tips and stories, encouragements and fun loving personalities

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